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Thursday, March 10, 2016

50th Birthday Party

My husband celebrated the BIG 5-0 a week before Christmas. He's not one for surprise parties, but I couldn't let the day go by as a normal birthday, so we had a little surprise party with just our family of four. He worked that day, giving us time to decorate, but got off a little early. We waited in the dining room and when he came in, we jumped out and yelled "SURPRISE!" He WAS surprised and genuinely loved it.

I found that black and white chevron wrapping paper for 50% off in the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby! That paper doesn't look very Christmas-y to me, does it to you?

My goal was to have 50 presents for him to open, but, being the week before Christmas, I had a hard time with that! So I settled for 25 presents, making him feel younger ;)

Can you believe that is actually 50 kisses in that cup? It is!

50 sucks! I made all the centerpiece sticks with my Silhouette Cameo.

The banner was a Silhouette file.

We added the balloons shortly before he got home so they wouldn't go flat too soon. favorite thing. I agonized for hours --days!-- on what to put on the cake when suddenly a lightbulb went off.  It was so simple! I made a devil's food cake (because being 50 know...haha!).  Records have always been his favorite form of music and he has been regrowing his collection lately.  I cut a black sugar sheet using my Silhouette Cameo in the shape of a record with the word "ROCKS" cut out.  I used a light up color changing "50" candle holder in the center.

It was a fun birthday!

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