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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Tote Bags

I tend to make gifts with a similar theme. Recently my theme was tote bags.

I made this bag for my daughter's piano teacher. I had been eyeing that rose trim at Hobby Lobby for months. Finally I knew exactly what to use it on! Everyone knows I don't (cant!) sew, so of course it is glued on with fabric glue, haha!  The verse was purchased from the Silhouette store and cut on green holographic heat transfer vinyl.

This bag was made for my friend who loves dogs and is very involved in dog rescue organizations. I used a silver sequin trim around the top and black and red heat transfer vinyl. It hung in my craft room for a very long time because I thought it needed something else, but I couldn't get her to tell me her favorite color. I just knew she doesn't care a lot for red so even though something red would match the "love," I didn't want that. I finally found this big black flower and decided it would be perfect.

My daughter's friend's 16th birthday was coming up and she wanted me to make her "something Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman!" because that's her favorite show. Let me tell you, there's not much Dr. Quinn merchandise or quotes to get ideas from.  I looked forEVER and finally found an "I (heart) SULLY" picture and, since I had another bag left over, thought it would work. I traced a drawing of Sully - that thing was a beast to weed, he has a lot of hair! In fact, I gave up weeding and just left it how it was because it was beginning to rip in places. I used the same gorgeous rose trim that I used on the black bag.  I think it turned out OK and she loved it!!

It's always fun trying to get pictures of my stuff - this is my cat, Luna, knocking down the display board with the bag as I was trying to photograph it. Silly kitty.  More kitty photobombs to come in future posts!!

I have some different tote bags I picked up that I hope to work on soon, once I figure out what to put on them. I've been in a card making mood lately though so I'm thinking my next post might (hopefully) be cards.

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