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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Graduation Cards and Gifts

I know it's mid-summer but I wanted to share some of the graduation cards and gifts I made this year! First, I made cards for all the graduates at my daughter's school. It's a very small, private school. My son graduated from there a few years ago (see this post about graduation decorating) and I also served as the school librarian for several years, so I knew most of the students who were graduating. I made a boy version and a girl version, using the school colors of red, white and blue, as well as matching bookmarks.

I also made cards for faraway friends.  I have an internet friend whose daughter graduated and we have some special friends who moved away years ago but remain close in our hearts.  

These last two were my favorites. I used an adorable Stamps of Life set called "Hats4Critters." One card for another internet friend's daughter and the other for another of my daughter's friends who moved away.

My daughter also had a sweet teacher who is moving away (why does everyone leave us??). She came to the school as a Biology teacher and ended up teaching English...phys. ed...and almost anything BUT Biology - that's how it goes at small private schools! I made her a going away card and gifts.

I do have to tell you about the absolutely awesome heat transfer vinyl I used for the shirt and bag. has the most beautiful patterned vinyl, it cuts like butter and weeds like a dream!! It is wonderful, AND they are based here in my home state of West Virginia! How cool is that? I will definitely be ordering more vinyl from them in the future!

That's all for now! Thanks for checking out my blog. I do hope to be back soon with some other fun things I have worked on recently.

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